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Executive Seating

“UNION” - A managerial armchair with noble and clear lines exuding unmistakable elegance and personality.


The new Union series is a successful restyling of the historic Union Group version 1973 which was born purposefully to apply the innovative technology of cold pressing.


The desire of research and technological innovation throughout the years characterizes the Vaghi brand.  Thanks to world renown architects Roberto Lucci and Paolo Orlandini the restyling of Union is positioned to meet the demands and changeable needs of modern office furniture.




Managerial, visitor and conference room armchairs, in swivel with or without arms and fixed with

Or without arms.


Stationary bodies are available with high, medium and low back. Swivel models with low back are also

offered with center column.


All models are offered in three upholsteries:

- U1 series: hard leather

- U2 series: leather

- U3 series: imitation leather or padded elastic fabric




UNION is made up of a minimum number of components which are recyclable and often made up of a single material which are assembled in mechanically without use of adhesives.  These construction details alone reduce the environmental impact.


UNION is produced without use of PVC, chrome and CFC.


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1” = 2.54cm