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From the creativity and passion of an entrepreneur to the reality of a brand that became a synonym of
Thanks to the experience acquired by the Papa family, siblings Michele and Caterina united creativity,
passion and quality offering technologically advanced solutions to service the home, always keeping
product craftsmanship alive.
Technological innovation and focus on details have led, through the world exclusive “Softwood” patent
used to create the soft wood door, to the ever increasing visibility and chance to enter the door market
with a wide range of classic and traditional, linear and modern interior doors that cover the various
market segments. The same technology is now applied to leather with the new Softleather line.
Production ranges from embossing to silk screening, from notched doors playing with the veneer and
inlay composition that substantiate the company’s innovative role after Softwood.
Fire doors designed for the hospitality and hotel world, the perfect synthesis between aesthetics and
technology, experience and innovation. Doors that combine safety requirements (REI 30-40-60) with the
tradition of wood, softness, sound insulation and sound proofing.
Trends fade, the Pcm Design door remains. Elegance, aesthetics and durability are values that allow Pcm
Design doors to remain beautiful and contemporary in time. Over the years the company has always
been able to keep one step ahead of the times with innovative models and technologies compared to
sector trends and diversified based on the intended use (home, contract, office, hotel). Faced with an
increasingly more demanding and globalized market, Pcm Design has obtained certifications to
guarantee reliability and patents able to protect the characteristics of its doors. Experimentation is a
routine affair in the company.