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Steeltime - Chions, Italy

Stainless Steel Sinks and Countertops

Human beings have always molded matter trying to change it into useful objects for everyday life. Steel-one of the latest materials discovered in the modern age has reached high standards of machinability and all objects manufactured with this material are a symbol of technology, functionalism and resistance. Using different industrial processes controlled by high tech machinery but most of all thanks to human experience steel has become an object of extraordinary perfection. Maxfire/Steeltime has become a leader in the manufacture of hoods, panels, sinks and custom stainless steel objects. All Maxfire/Steeltime items satisfy the current demand for great functionalism and are made to stay with us every day of our lives.

Maxfire/Steeltime is a cutting edge company in the world market because every single item is manufactured with great care whether it is made manually or using highly advance automated cutting, welding and cleaning devices.

The manufacturing process for each item is chosen on the basis of very high standards. Every single step of the process is carefully controlled. The last step of the process is testing and the issue of related certifications.